Frequently Asked Questions

Use Gravity to Elevate Your Students to Victory

Today’s students will drive tomorrow’s economy. Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education is crucial to preparing Georgia students to become the next generation of innovators. 

To make that happen, we need to continue to show students that science can be fun. That’s why Google, working with co-sponsors at Georgia Tech, invests in STEM initiatives like the Georgia Gravity Games.

The Georgia Gravity Games is a gravity-only car race competition sponsored by Google, Georgia Tech and the City of Douglasville. The Georgia Gravity Games are an educational, hands-on activity designed to get young people excited about STEM subjects.

This exciting event is a way students can take the concepts they learn inside the classroom and apply them in a fun way. What other advanced engineering challenge involves zooming at top speeds through downtown streets?

The Georgia Gravity Games are always looking for the best, brightest and speediest young engineering minds in the state. 

Teams are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are limits to the number of teams and participants in each of the divisions. Registration ends on October 18, 2019 at 11:59 p.m.

Encourage students in your class to compete in the 2018 Georgia Gravity Games. Or if you're a local business, consider sponsoring a car.

We’re offering three divisions – Kits Only, Engineered and Autonomous – for students to put their minds to the test. 

Many teams have asked about the use of lubrication for wheels and axles. We consider this to be a component of "engineering" to make the cars as fast as possible, so lubrication of wheels, axles, etc. is permitted. You may be asked to provide information about the lubricants used, and you must not leave residue on the starting ramp or race course.

The 2019 Georgia Gravity Games will be held Saturday, November 2 in downtown Douglasville.

Up to five students, including the driver, and one teacher or adult advisor can be registered for a team. Only five students maximum per team (no teachers, honorary members or advisors) will receive an award for each of the first and second place teams in each of the divisions. Teams may add additional “honorary members,” but only five students will be awarded prizes.

Google supports a number of STEM initiatives in Georgia. In addition to the Georgia Gravity Games, Google sponsored area schools' robotics and STEM programs. For more information about Google’s programs for schools and teachers, please visit 

Science Street is a science festival that provides competitors and spectators of all ages with a way to interact and engage with STEM concepts with fun, hand-on activities. 

When you arrive in downtown Douglasville, a volunteer will let you go through the barricades and drop off your car, students and any other items that you may need.

Competitors should start to arrive by 7 a.m.; registration will begin at 7:30 a.m. and races will start at 9:00 a.m. 

Team and car registration starts at 7:30 a.m. There will be a white tent marked "registration" on Church Street.

Participants can park in marked parking areas. Supporters and event spectators can park in downtown Douglasville, keeping in mind the parking rules downtown.

Once you get to Church Street, you’ll see tents and volunteers. Volunteers will have on T-shirts marked "staff." At registration, participants will receive a free T-shirt, while supplies last.

The team from Georgia Tech will conduct the safety inspection. This is comprised of a visual and physical inspection of the car. For the physical inspection of the car, the driver must travel along a short course. 

Georgia Tech will ensure that the car is both within the proper weight guidelines (with and without the driver) and that the car can stop when pressure is applied to the brakes. The car must stop before hitting the hay bale on the course. 

We strongly recommend that you, as an adult supervisor or family member, stay at the event with your students/competitors.

The race is in downtown Douglasville, Georgia, running along Church Street. The starting point is at Courthouse Square on Church Street. Please see the map on our website for more details.

Yes, but your time may be limited. Your assigned heat will run without your vehicle if the second inspection is not completed in time. Please plan to bring tools to the race to make any necessary changes.

We suggest that you fine-tune the car's weight very quickly. Removable weights need to be loosely fastened during weigh-in, and then added or removed during that process to reach the ideal weight. The weights must be securely fastened within one minute of weigh-in to complete the live brake test.  

7:00am | Participant load-in and set-up

7:30am | Check-in Registration & Safety Inspections begin

9:00am | Race Starts

2:00pm (or immediately following the last race) | Awards & Closing Ceremony 

That’s a surprise. Just note that bragging rights and prizes will be distributed along with some cool stuff from Google.

Yes - there will be variety of food vendors for breakfast and lunch including Bojangles, Marco's Pizza, Chick-fil-a, On the Roll Food Truck, Kona Ice and Moki Pops. 

Results from the 2018 Georgia Gravity Games can be found here.